Stephen Kohl

Stephen Kohl, Commercial Photographer

FOCUS... in front of the camera, it’s the central point of attraction. Behind the lens, it’s deliberate and thoughtful direction of efforts. For Nashville-based photographer and videographer Stephen Kohl, his art is a cumulative showcase of FOCUS.

Shooting professionally for over 20 years, Stephen has provided KohoPhoto photography and videography services for top advertising agencies, manufacturing industries, non-profits, award-winning recording artists, actors, models, and other numerous clients. From clean, crisp photography to uniquely cinematic video vignettes, Stephen’s versatility is a hallmark of his work bringing expert FOCUS to his clients’ most important projects.
Whether you’re looking for a simple photo shoot to update your business headshot or portrait or a larger production to capture dynamic photography and video for your brand or product, please have a look at KohlPhoto galleries and get in touch.

Commercial Photography

KohlPhoto focuses on the end result you want to achieve to tell compelling visual stories about people, industries, and product brands.
As a commercial photographer, I not only create for you but push your vision to the fullest potential. Creating brand driven dynamic photography is really what it’s about. With over 20 years’ experience as a professional photographer (and now video production), my photography passion and skill only increase as time goes on.

Videography... the process or art of making video films

KohlPhoto takes pride in capturing those emotional moments and transforming them into dynamic video memories. Let’s create your video idea in high definition HD quality adding style, value, and current video trends to accelerate your business advertising goals.

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